Joanna Organisciak – ‘Hope and Debut of 2015’ – according to an influential fashion critic, Michał Zaczyński. She’s a graduate of the Cracow Schools of Art & Fashion Design.

Her first collection IDENTITY won the Grand Prix of the prestigious competition GOLDEN THREAD 2015. It was quickly followed by further awards and distinctions: the Silver Thread, European Fashion Union Award, Hush Warsaw, Cracow Fashion and Łukasz Jemioł awards.

In her unique manner she combines classic and modern where traditional forms undergo constant and skillful deconstruction to obtain ambiguous, sculptural, flattering silhouette.

Organisciak’s designs are timeless: spectacular in their simplicity yet comfortable to wear. She offers the style beyond short seasons and temporary trends, fully advocating the philosophy of slow and no waste fashion as the individual pieces of her collections are easy to combine and add to to build highly original wardrobe.

The highest quality natural fabrics, limited colour palette and refined details underline Organisciak’s distinguished designs.


Fashion Shows:

  • Cracow Fashion Awards-premiere – 03. 2015, Cracow
  • Cracow Fashion Awards-gala – 03. 2015, Cracow
  • Poznan International Fair – 09.04.2015, Poznan
  • Silesia Fashion Day – 25.09.2015, Katowice
  • Golden Thread – 02.10.2015, Lodz
  • European Fashion Union Award – 25.10.2015, Budapest
  • Gala Kobiet Sukcesu – 01.12.2015, Warsaw
  • Fashion Stage Open’er – 29.06 – 02.07.2016, Gdynia
  • Poznan International Fair – 28.02.2017, Poznan
  • Cracow Fashion Week – 19.03.2017, Cracow



  • STEP BY STEP – The International Exhibition of Shoe Design Museum of Municipal Engineering, 03.2015,  Cracow
  • WHAT’S UP – Exhibition of Fashion Photography, Pauza in Garden, 03.2015 Cracow
  • SAPU Creative –Museum of Municipal Engineering, 03.2015 Cracow