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colection identity

Collection „IDENTITY” Spring - Summer 2015
IDENTITY - a space between who we think we are and the reality.
Collection inspired by Wim Wenders movie – “Notebook on cities and clothes”.
Reinterpretation of basic garment patterns of clothes, especially shirt.
When past meets contemporaneity, it becomes a hybrid of tradition and modernity.
Asymmetrical forms and pleating, cutting and a raw finish in monochrome colors bring
freshness and lightness into traditional forms. Noble fabrics like high - quality cotton and wool were enriched
by foam covered with wool – hybrid of past and present.
Authorial shoes are part of collection "Identity". Characteristic cutting of the upper part, variety of upper height in black
garnet hue and innovative approach to zipper and its location, which gives the impression of something well - known and modern.

colection winter identity

Collection “WINTER IDENTITY” Autumn - Winter 2015 & 2016
WINTER IDENTITY is a continuation of the IDENTITY collection. The collection was presented at the Winter Stories - Hush Warsaw 5 - 6 December 2015.
Once again, the designer goes back to the deconstruction and ambiguity, plays with form in a thoughtful and planned way.
The designer remains true to her convictions and creates a collection that allows you to freely combine the resulting projects with the
previous collection – Identity.
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