“Freedom in Limitation: An Exploration of the White Shirt”

” In 1975, Patti Smith was staring intently into the camera, wearing a simple white shirt while she posed for photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, for the cover of her album titled Horses. In one of my favourite memoirs Just Kids she recalls that on the day of the shoot he asked her to wear a clean shirt with no stains, so she went and bought a stack of men’s white shirts and cut the cuffs off. Image that stood out in the saturated aesthetic of a 1970s music industry, became the most recognizable example of Smith’s dress code and one of popular culture’s most iconic looks. “

Whole article and interview by Sandra Gubensek from Utopiast available at: www.utopiast.com/fashion/freedom-in-limitation-an-exploration-of-white-shirt/

Model: Estera Kos

Photo: Marzena Kolarz

MUA: Ula Kurowska