“The Curse” by Stanisław Wyspiański – Exhibition

Exhibition of set and costume designs for “The Curse” by Stanisław Wyspiański will be presented from February 4th to February 25th, at Camaldolese Underground (Warsaw, 3 Dewajtis Street).

Stanisław Wyspiański – Master, fourth bard of Poland, an extraordinary creator, an elusive genius – 2024 will be the 155th anniversary of his birth. On this occasion I invite you to exhibition of set and costumes designs for the outstanding work of Stanisław Wyspiański – the drama “The Curse”.

The drama based on dramatic fact, written at the end of the nineteenth century.

This tragedy is still unfolding – in the mentality, in the irrational understanding of the punishment for sins. The problem of the sinister mob, the pressure of the majority, the incitement is still relevant.

Here we have a village that is experiencing the curse of drought… We squint our eyes and see a story that could have happened anywhere. We close our eyes because the message of the drama remains clear – there is no greater enemy of justice than prejudice.

The exhibition will also present the effects of a photo session of costumes by Katarzyna Kulikowska.

Organizers: Camaldolese Underground

Curator of the exhibition: Anna Mieczyńska-Jerominek

Conceptual support: Zbyszek Kocik

Graphics: Magda Burda

Partners: MSKPU fashion school and Dom Kultury „Śródmieście”